In this video I review the Orione Men’s Hernia Brief

Orione Men’s Hernia Brief Pros List:

  • Form fitting
  • Stretchy Fabric
  • Quality sewing and seams
  • Flat pad

Orione Men’s Hernia Brief Cons List:

  • For me it was too constrictive since I am a boxers guy
  • Did not offer enough support for me to be confident that it would hold my hernia in
  • Straps that go down around crotch feel like they were giving me a wedgie
  • No adjustability

Where to buy Orione Men’s Hernia Brief:

You can buy them on

Price: $37-$39


The Orione Men’s Hernia Brief was very uncomfortable for me from the moment I put it on the first time. This could be because I am a boxers guy like I said above, and I am not used to my package being all constricted.

Although it is very form fitting, it rides quite high on the waist, which made it uncomfortable and unappealing to look at when I would take my shirt off.

There was no adjustability on the waist and leg straps, therefor if I were to want more pressure while doing activities I was not able to tighten it up. My hernia would often slide out from behind the pad a lot of the time because of this.

If you are trying to manage your hernia either while waiting for surgery or while trying to heal it holistically, the most important thing is that you are able to keep the hernia held in at all times. Whatever hernia belt you decide to use must be one that you are comfortable in, and that fits your lifestyle.

If you are interested in seeing the hernia belt that I have been using for a while with great success please click here.


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