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Video Update For 1/6/2018

Inguinal Hernia Healed Without Surgery?

Hurricane Irma Screwed Up My Healing | Update 9/22/17

Hernia Progress Update 9/22/2017

My thoughts are with anyone affected by the recent hurricane events. Stay Strong!


My Inguinal Hernia Is Almost Healed Naturally

In this video update I talk about what I’ve been doing to heal my inguinal hernia without surgery. It has gone from being the size of two golf balls next to each other, to the size of an M&M.

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Diet For Curing Inguinal Hernia

In this video I talk about eating meat while trying to cure my hernia, and doing an exercise plan that was used in the early  1900’s by an osteopathic doctor to heal inguinal hernias.

Set Back On The Road To Healing- Exercises – Update 8/4/17

A  Small Setback

Last week after I made the last update, I was doing some exercises while working out and felt a little pull right in the area where the hernia is located. I was doing push-up to rows with too much weight and pushed it a little too hard. I should have stopped after I felt the first one, but since I am in the “I’m not holding back!” mode, I kept trying, which was a mistake.


Hernia ExercisesAfter that, I was feeling the pressure of the hernia and seeing it pop out a little more than normal for about three days. But for the last 2 or three days it has been fine, and feels back to where I was before. I haven’t been feeling any pressure at all, and have not seen the hernia pop out any time I check it. I’ve been keeping the hernia belt on still all day from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt

I’m still doing my yoga exercises, and have also added in some mobility exercises. I’ve come to realize that there are exercises that I can do to overcome my anterior pelvic tilt (pictured). For some reason I always thought that this was just the way I was built, and there was nothing I could do about it.

anterior pelvic tilt and herniaThis is the reason I have been walking around on the balls of my feet. Because when I do, it causes my glutes to fire, pelvis to rotate under and be more even, which pulls up and tightens my abs. But if I can gain the mobility in my hip flexors by doing exercises, then I wouldn’t have to walk around on my toes because my pelvis would be sitting in the correct position to have everything working together the way it should.

Mobility Exercises

Here are some of the mobility exercises I’ve been doing to hit the hip flexors to take care of the Anterior pelvic tilt:

I have been doing these for a few days now, and I can already feel my pelvis starting to rotate into the correct position.

I’ve also been working on the correct standing position, since this is where it is most difficult to keep control of the anterior pelvic tilt.

Still Feeling Positive

Even though I’ve had a little setback, I’m still feeling good about where I’m headed since I’ve been working on these other things that have been wrong with my body basically my entire life. Had it not been for this hernia I would’ve never even started looking into this. I would be in pain and lacking mobility, which would ultimately lead to being able to do less of what I want to do.

Until next time! If you have any questions or comments let me know!

Do You Have What It Takes?

Healing your hernia holistically. Do you have what it takes?

In this video I talk about the mindset that I believe is critical to healing your inguinal hernia holistically without surgery. Once I grasped the idea of the mind body connection all the effort that I was making toward healing just clicked. Within three weeks I have lessened the size of my hernia by 90%. It won’t be long before I am completely healed.

There are a few other things at play with the progress that I am making on top of the mind body connection that you can read about here. 

The Book

I read a book called Healing Back Pain, The Mind Body Connection. This book made me realize how important it really is to have the right mindset as you go through the journey of healing your hernia.  It absolutely helped me beat the terrible back pain that I have had since I was 18 years old. The book does not only apply to back pain though. It covers all types  of different body pain like migraines, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and more. It doesn’t specifically talk about hernias, but it would be a good read anyway to get a better understanding of the mind body connection, and how real it is. I truly believe that this is a large aspect of why we get hernias in the first place.

healing hernia mind body connection book


I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately. A lot of whom wish to heal their hernia naturally, but have not been 100% committed to do what is necessary in order to heal.  They are stuck wondering why nothing is working, and are constantly thinking in the back of their heads that they will probably end up getting surgery in the end. But, let me ask you this…Have you ever reached a goal that you couldn’t see yourself reaching in your mind? Most likely not. Usually if you can’t see it in your mind, you don’t do it because you won’t be able to map out the steps necessary to bring what is in your imagination to reality.

Once you make the true commitment to healing naturally, you can get the thought of possible surgery out of your mind. This will make way for you to imagine yourself reaching your goal. You can then focus on formulating a solid plan on how to get there. Most likely it will be a long, hard journey. You will probably have to work through a lot of other stuff that is wrong with your body before you can even focus your attention on the hernia. Maybe things you didn’t even realize you have been letting hold you back. You might have to lose some weight, or stop overeating, or get some mobility back, who knows.

My Experience

This is what I’ve been working through for the past couple years. Back pain, joint pain, mobility issues, etc. But now that I am through it I literally have not felt this good since I was in high school. I almost feel like I needed this hernia in order to get myself back on the right track. Not only physically on the right track, but mentally as well. I have been pounding my body for years. I wasn’t paying attention to anything but trying to get in the best shape I can. All the while I was wearing out my joints, losing mobility, and gaining a hernia.

Without COMMITMENT,  I would have given up a long time ago and missed out on the whole learning experience. I can’t wait to look back one day at this experience and say “Hell yea, I did it!”. I will end feeling better in my forties and fifties than I did in my twenties and thirties.

Healing My Hernia Status Update 7/25/2017

My Natural Hernia Cure Update 7/25/2017

Since I was feeling so good after the last video update that I made, I decided to go for a full day with no hernia belt on to see if the hernia would actually stay in. This is something I haven’t done in a few years. I was super nervous, but I ended up having good results!
Usually, as soon as I wake up I put on the hernia belt so that it doesn’t have a chance to pop out. I feel like this is an essential part of healing. On this morning however I didn’t put it on. The first thing I did was the yoga exercises that I have been doing to heal the hernia. I had some work to do around the house, so after I was done with the exercises, I cleaned the pool, and did everything I needed to do. Nothing too strenuous, like heavy lifting or anything like that, but just steady moving around.
My wife and I decided that we were going to go food shopping, and to run some other errands, so I brought the hernia belt with me just in case. We were out all day going from store to store. We stopped to eat lunch, which really worried me, because the weight of the food in my stomach would really make the hernia bulge out in the past. But, surprisingly there was nothing! No bulge at all. There was a tiny bit of pressure, but it was a different kind of pressure than what I was feeling before. It feels like the hernia pushing on the inside of the muscle. It’s hard to describe.
My wife was laughing at me all day because I kept sticking my hand in my waste band to check if the hernia was bulging out. I probably looked a little weird, but whatever. I was like the honey badger, and didn’t give a shit. (click here if you don’t know about the honey badger)
By the time we got home it was about 6:30 pm. I was starting to get really nervous that the hernia was going to start popping out, so I decided that I wasn’t going to chance it anymore. I went ahead and put the hernia belt on since I still had to mow the lawn, and do a couple other things around the house. I’ve never realized how much comfort I get mentally from wearing the hernia belt every day. Just being able to do things and not worry so much about it popping out.
All in all it was great for me to see how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. 1 month ago I would have never been able to even think about not wearing the belt, because as soon as I would get out of bed I would have a lump the size of two golf balls stacked on top of each other.
I’m not sure if I could have made it the full day or not without wearing the hernia belt. I just didn’t want to chance it popping out and setting me back. That’s why I decided to put it on.
 I can’t tell you how exciting it is to look down in the shower and not see that lump! I’m making really good progress and will keep you updated as I get further along.
Heal a hernia holistically
If you would like to share your story about your struggle with healing your Inguinal Hernia without surgery, or to see all the info that others have found on the subject join the group here.

Healing My Hernia Status Update 7/24/2017

Video update for 7/24/2017

Really excited about how much progress I’ve made in healing my hernia. To read about the things I’ve been doing to help along the process you can click here. Let me know if you guys have any questions or comments!

My Natural Hernia Cure Video Introduction

My Natural Hernia Cure Video Introduction

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