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Who am I?

Hi, my name is George. I suffer from a Reducible Inguinal Hernia, and I’m looking for a natural hernia cure.  I am a 40 year old  happily married father of two teenage girls, and I am an extremely active person. I’m an avid surfer, fisherman, volunteer firefighter, hobbyist surfboard shaper, and an entrepreneur from Melbourne Beach FL. I am very fit overall, and I am passionate about keeping myself healthy over the long term. I only eat organic food, and practice a consistent exercise routine. I’m 6 feet tall and weigh around 150 lbs. I don’t take any traditional medications, and I try to lead the most natural life I possibly can (I won’t even take aspirin).

Why did I start the My Natural Hernia Cure blog?

I have been living with an inguinal hernia on my left side for a few years now, and it drives me absolutely nuts every day of my life. It does not cause any pain, but it does bulge out, and I feel a lot of pressure (especially when I cough or strain). At the time of starting this blog I have to wear a very uncomfortable hernia truss in order to manage it throughout the day. Being a very active person, the fact of having to wear a hernia belt for the rest of my life if I do not get surgery does not work for me. This is why I started this quest to find a natural hernia cure.

What information have I found about a natural hernia cure?

Over 25% of all men in the entire world will end up suffering form an inguinal hernia. I’m constantly doing research on how to proceed with a natural hernia cure, but have not come across anything of much value. There are a few sites out there written by guys that claim to have cured their hernia naturally which gives me hope, but many of them are really jumbled up and hard to read through.  They do not give a concise guide on procedures to follow to heal the hernia.

Most of the information that you find however, is from the medical establishment, and basically says that you need surgery in order to fix the hernia. I’ve watched videos of hernia repair and read horror stories of people dealing with post herniorraphy pain syndrome, which from what I gather, it basically amounts to having really bad pain in the groin area for the rest of your life after the surgery (sometimes debilitating). Not to mention hernia mesh recalls.

What I found about hernia surgery

I also learned that hernia surgery is one of the most frequently performed surgeries worldwide, with most surgeons performing the Lichtenstein tension-free mesh repair as you can see in this video link. Basically, they cut you open, place a mesh patch over the hole that is allowing your intestines to protrude through the inguinal canal, and sew you back up. Sounds like fun! Not really.

Many people who opt for the surgery will find themselves going back in for a repair of the original surgery because the mesh works itself loose. Also with the high risk of infections like MRSA these days during any surgical procedure, I just do not want to take the chance. After you watch the video, I’m sure you will be of the same mindset. There have been many cases that I have found, that have had the Lichtenstein tension-free mesh repair done, then 10 years later they find that there is a recall on the mesh! How does that work? It’s not like a recall on your car, where you take it into the shop and they fix it for free. They have to re-cut you back open, remove the old mesh, and put new mesh in it’s place. No thanks!

Hernia surgery is absolutely a last resort.

I would not want someone poking their hands around inside my abdomen to fix something that may not work at all, or may actually make it worse. I am on a mission to find a natural hernia cure, without surgery. I have to believe that over the thousands of years that mankind has been on this earth, that at some point there was a way to fix this ailment, which seems to be a defect in the human body.

Why am I doing this?

I created this blog for three reasons:

  1. I want to chronicle what I am doing. This way, if I am successful, other people suffering from a hernia could see what I did to fix it.
  2. I want to implement a motivating factor into it for myself. In other words, I know that if I commit to keeping this blog up to date with everything I’m doing, and people are reading it, it will motivate me to keep pressing forward until I fix it.
  3. I want to create a place where people that are suffering with the same type of hernia, who would rather not follow the traditional method of fixing it, could get together and have discussions about what they are doing, and what is working or not working.

I know that I am not the only person in the world who is looking to cure their hernia naturally, and hopefully, by starting this blog, it will grow into a nice network of people sharing ideas about how to go about getting that done.


Please note that I am not a doctor. Do not take anything that I write (or anyone else writes) on this blog to be medical advice. I am not saying that I have a cure for an inguinal hernia. I am simply a regular guy chronicling my attempt to find a natural hernia cure. If you follow anything that you have seen or read about on this site, do so at your own risk.

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  1. George, I am happy to connect with you as I have had my inguinal hernia for over 4 years and will not consider surgery as an option. I look forward to your experience and advice as I have been trying any alternative healing method I can find. I look forward to your support belt as well. The 5 yoga exercises I have also been doing and now will add the massage technique you mentioned as well as the ice packs. I can not find a link to the breathing exercises however. Please send me a link if possible to them at gdouvris1 at yahoo dot com

    1. Hi George, Thanks for the comment. The breathing exercises are basically the same as the yoga move which is the ab vacuum where you suck in your stomach and hold for a few seconds. The only difference is that I will do them while I’m sitting at my desk, or just standing up doing something. Although, I realized that if I overdo it the hernia tends to poke out a little more often, so I keep it moderate.

      1. Hi George,
        I have recently discovered inguinal hernia on right side. It’s small and reducible but doctor says it won’t fix and eventually it would be operated. I am not inclined towards surgery and want to fix it naturally. In quest of ithe cure I have reached your blog and I feel quite connected as I am very much like you. I am fit and active and slim and very health focused like you. I also had back pain when I was 21. Now I am 37. I really need you help in fixing this. Please suggest how can I connect further

  2. Hello Gentlemen
    I came to this site from another where George had written. There he mentioned Dr. Sarno’s book on back pain, which I read and was so healed maybe twenty years ago. I wonder if you meant to imply that hernia was another manifestation of TMS, like after ulcers and the back, where else can the pain hide. Have you, or George D, (four years!) found yourselves limiting your behavior because of the pain or fear of pain?
    I was diagnosed a couple weeks ago, have an appointment for a sonogram and and surgeon in another couple weeks, and kind of hope that I’ll be far enough along that they’ll wonder why I’m there. Today I tried an almost ordinary day of work task–lifting a paralyzed man of over 80 kilo (I way around 70) and though could feel some pressure, not much more than how I feel after walking around with a full stomach.

    1. Hi Chinn,
      Yes, that is exactly what I am implying. I believe that the hernia could be another manifestation of TMS. As you know, the object of TMS is to mask the emotional pain or anger from the subconscious mind with actual physical pain to distract you from ever allowing those feelings to come to consciousness. It’s the mind’s way of protecting you from what it perceives as emotional pain. So what better way for that to happen than by causing an ailment that you have to think about every minute of the day. I also have reason to believe that tension in the area is the beginning stages of creating the environment for the hernia to develop in the first place. This would work better for TMS purpose because you end up actually having a lump that you have to physically deal with, where with back pain, for the most part there is no obvious protrusion or anything that looks abnormal (unless you get a catscan). It just hurts. I find it hard to believe that the small amount of exercises that I was doing is what got me to the point where I am all on there own, because as soon as I read the Sarno book, my back pain went away, and the hernia got significantly smaller. Almost to the point of being completely healed. Seems like a strange coincidence. I was working on healing it with no results at all for a few years. All the sudden I read the book, my back pain is gone, and the hernia is close to being gone. You be the judge.

      In the past I was definitely limiting my behavior for fear that I would blow the hernia out. I would hold back and constantly worry about it. But at the same time as I mentioned above, when I read the book, I also decided that I would not let the hernia hold me back anymore (which is a huge part of dealing with TMS by the way) and started going all out with everything I did. The only reason I was able to this was because I developed a hernia belt that I could do anything activity in, in or out of the water, without having to worry about it popping out. I believe this was a huge part of it also.
      With that being said, I would never attempt to lift anything without wearing a hernia truss. I still wake up every morning and put the hernia belt on after I eat breakfast, trying to never let it bulge out. In my mind there is no way that the hole will heal or tighten enough to hold the intestines back if it is constantly allowed to slide through.

      1. Hi George: I have had an Inguinal Hernia for 12 years. I have opted to not have surgery and my doctor has said that as long as the hernia does not cause me any pain, surgery is not necessary.

        Over the years the hernia has gotten a little larger. I am thinking I would like to try a hernia belt. I tried one that I did not like and some I have seen look uncomfortable. I see above that you have developed one. I would be interesting in knowing how I can purchase that?

        Thank you

        1. Hey Andy,
          Wow! Twelve years! That’s the longest I have heard someone managing one for.
          It is really tough to find a hernia belt that is comfortable enough to wear all day every day which is why I had to develop my own. I’m planning on having them in stock and ready to ship within the next 2 months. You can preorder them at https://comfort-truss.com The website is up but I am still getting manufacturing in place etc. Make sure you get on the email list so you can be updated with what’s going on. I will have product pics and videos available soon as well.

          1. Hi George:

            Thank you so much for your reply. In those 12 years I have not limited too much of what I have done but I have been more cautious at times in lifting heavier items etc.

            I recently had a bad cold with a bad cough. I did not realize how much of an affect a cough has on a hernia until this cough. The hernia seemed to have gotten a little larger and I was concerned. I went to see the surgeon about it and was relieved with all that he said, which was the hernia looked fine and that as long as it causes me no pain or problems to leave it alone.

            I was very happy to hear that from some of the horror stories I have heard about hernia surgery over the years.

            I recently started taking a product called Hern Ease. It is an herbal supplement that is supposed to help strengthen the muscles around the area of the hernia giving more support to that area. I am hoping it will help reduce the size of the hernia a little.
            I am also hoping your hernia belt will help in that regard too.

            I look forward to trying it when it becomes available. I believe I am on your e-mil list now.

            Thanks again and have a great night.


    1. Blazer,
      I don’t. I wish I had medical records of it or something so that once it is healed I would have proof, but I have never actually been to the doctor for it. Since I don’t really use conventional doctors, I self diagnosed the hernia. I think about it all the time, that I wish I would have had something showing from when the hernia was a big bulge to what it is now, but unfortunately I wasn’t really thinking about it at the time. I should probably go to a doctor and at least get the hernia diagnosed officially so if I can completely heal it, it would be on record.

      1. I totally get where you’re coming from in regard to visiting conventional GPs. I would only ever consider doing so myself for diagnosis etc, rarely if ever use the treatment or drugs they prescribe. But probably worth your while getting the hernia ‘officially confirmed’ so to speak. Might help with the patent for hernia belt and the ongoing story of natural healing.

  3. I hope this post is ok. Just wanting to provide info on alternatives. I am an Australian (currently living in Sri Lanka), had an inguinal hernia and did a lot of online research and reading. I looked at a plethora of ideas to cure naturally or just stave off the hassles. In the end I just wnted to short track things and elect to have it repaired surgically. I chose not to have mesh repair though and took a trip to Pune in India to have the Descarda non mesh repair from Dr Descarda. Have to say, I was fairly nervous about the whole thing and worried I had taken a leap of faith way too far, to go with this technique – which I only knew of from info online. Anyway, that was now 3 months ago and it all went well. Was not really painful ever but rather only uncomfortable for some days here and there. I was walking around in India (street photographing) for many hours at a time only 3 days after surgery and was quite capable (mind you, in retrospect that was probably overdoing it a tad). I understand that the chance of the hernia returning is almost nil with this technique. The hospital for the operation was ok – ish (it is India) but the surgery theatre was certainly clean, equipped and modern. Check out the Descarda site online. I am just posting this in case anyone thinks its not legit. It certainly is and I am a content customer. If anyone would like any info about my experience with it all, just let me know.

    1. The natural way is not the best for everyone since everyone’s situation is different. The more info we can share with each other so that we can make informed decisions on how to better manage our situation the better. I appreciate you sharing your experience wether or not it was the way that I chose to go or not. It’s all good info!

      1. Hello George! I’m really after having read most of the info and watching most of the videos. It must have been a long and sometimes not easy at all journey but now many of us will have the opportunity to learn from your experience. I’m in my late forties and could be taken as an average guy (no smoker, daily walks, but far from being an athlete) and one of the things that have always intrigued about hernias is that most people take them either as an sports person problem or as something that happens when you do not excercise! Since my father developed a couple of hernias throughout his life, I am almost certain that I would have been very lucky if I haden’t one sooner or later.
        Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

  4. I’m interested in your future product. I bought a belt before I had surgery and it was very uncomfortable. I’d like to get a one to give me added support when I need it.

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