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You’re here because you know deep down inside that surgery is not the only option. 

My goal with this website is to show you that you do have options other than what the medical establishment will have you believe is the only way to fix an inguinal hernia. I have been where you are, and have gone through what you’re going through. A natural hernia cure is real and attainable. Scroll down if your interested to read more.

The 5 Components of An Inguinal Hernia

I have talked to tons of people since I have been writing this blog,  and found that there is a comon theme among all sufferers of inguinal hernia. There are five components involved where there could be possible problems. Fix all five of the following components, heal your reducible inguinal hernia. It’s that simple.

First, Get The Tools

The Dahli Lama once said “Each of us has tools for helping to change the world in a better direction.”
This is my tool that I am sharing with the world. I designed this hernia belt because I was going absolutely nuts having to think about the hernia constantly, and not being able to do all the activities that I love to do without worrying about the hernia blowing out. The first thing you must do before even attempting to cure your hernia naturally is to make sure that the abdominal contents does not poke out as much as possible. The more it pokes out the longer the healing process will take. It’s kind of like a cut that you keep poking at and pulling the scab off of. It will never heal.
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Then, Check Out My Blog Posts To Learn More

The best way to get the most out of the information is to start with my first blog post (at the top of the list) and work your way down to my most recent posts (at the bottom). As you will see, I was working through things by trial error from the beginning and learning as I went along. I receive a lot of questions from people about this. Most of  the answers for your questions can be found in the posts below if you read through it and watch the videos.
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About George Hirst

My Mission is to help active people like you overcome your inguinal hernia without surgery, without drugs, and without having to stop doing the activities you love. I have dedicated years of my life to studying the reasons we end up with inguinal hernias, and I’m comitted to helping as many people as possible make the conditions right for your body to heal on it’s own as mine has. Together we can prove to the medical establishment that there is an alternative to surgery or “watchful waiting”,  and change the hernia landscape of the world one hernia at a time.
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