In this video I review the Neo G hernia belt.

Neo G Hernia Belt Pros List:

  • Basic, somewhat minimal design
  • Quality sewing and seams
  • Adjustable pad

Neo G Hernia Belt Cons List:

  • Not very adjustable due to shortness of velcro
  • Convex pad was extremely uncomfortable and hard
  • Thick straps make it feel bulky
  • Metal hardware

Where to buy Neo G Hernia Belt:

You can buy them here:

Price: $35.99


The Neo G Hernia Belt caught my eye when I first saw it because of the minimal design of it. I am always looking for things that are lightweight and simply designed, with no extra bullshit that’s not needed to get the job done. It seemed like the Neo G had that going for it.

The Pad:

What I didn’t realize before I bought it was how insanely large and hard the front pad is. I can literally only wear this hernia belt for about 30 minutes before having to take it off because it digs into the hernia site so bad. You can see from the pictures below that it still has the sticker on the front because I didn’t even wear it long enough for the sticker to come off.

Also, if you are an active person who is trying exercise or do anything where you have to bend at the waist, the pad really gets in the way of any type of movement like that even though it’s positioning is adjustable.

I also didn’t like the way the Neo G Hernia Belt made my pants stick out in the front because of how big the pad is.


The lack of adjustability from the velcro strips being too short was another main concern, especially if your going to be doing any type of activity where you want to tighten up the belt and leg strap for more support. The velcro strips are so short that when you want to snug up the belt you end up pulling the “hook” side of the velcro right past the “loop” side, and there is nothing left to stick it to. Same for the leg strap.


The straps that make up the belt and leg strap are quite bulky on their own, but when you stack them on top of each other to fasten the velcro they become extremely thick and bulky.

The pad on the front is a full 1-1/8″ thick and barely has any give to it all, which like I said, makes it extremely uncomfortable.

My Take On It

The Neo G Hernia Belt could possibly work for some people, but for me it was definitely not what I would want to put on every morning and keep on all day. I am far too active to wear something with such a rigid pad that would get in the way of everything I do, even just sitting at my desk. But the key to managing your hernia without surgery is finding a hernia belt that fits your lifestyle, and that you are able to wear all day, every day without having to think about the hernia so much. Even though the Neo G Hernia Belt wasn’t right for me, it could possibly be right for you. Use your own judgement.



Understandably, my opinion might be somewhat biased based on the fact that I have been through testing of so many hernia belts looking for something I could where comfortably during all the activities that I do without any luck. I ended up having to design my own hernia belt because of this. If you are interested in seeing the hernia belt that I developed and have been using for a while with great success please click here to see the Comfort-Truss.


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