Hernia Healing Pains | What Is That?

Video Update For 1/6/2018

2 thoughts on “Hernia Healing Pains | What Is That?”

  1. yeah that thing with the toenail is a bit weird. On the other hand it may be a manifestation of how healing one part of the body impacts healing in another part of the body. I’ve been doing the collection of exercises that you found from that 1906 doctor. I even found a version of the book online as I like to go to the horse’s mouth as it were. I’m having a really loud clicking in my right hip when I do the V UPS. Only time will tell if it’s related to healing. I’ll let you know how things progress.

    1. Yeah, very odd with the toenail, and it looks even better now than it did when I posted the video. There’s a lot more pink and the white part is getting smaller.
      That’s awesome that you’re doing the exercises. How long have you been doing them? Are you seeing any progress?
      I’m up to 42 reps now because I go up 1 rep every time I do the workout. Once I hit 30 reps, that’s when I felt like I didn’t need the hernia belt any more.

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