I’ve been doing the 1916 hernia workout that I have posted on my YouTube channel for a while now, and I got to a point where I was doing so many reps that it was taking me forever to get through it. I ended up adding some five pound ankle weights to my ankles in order to put some more resistance into it, and that way I could lower the reps back down to 10, and start back up from there. This takes much less time than doing 50 reps of every exercise.

I’m up to 18 reps now, and basically, I noticed that I’m definitely building muscle right on top of the pelvis, right in the inguinal area where the hernia was, but the muscles are getting a lot bigger on the right side (the side without the hernia) than on the left side (the hernia side). So what I’m going to do, is try to isolate the left side more than the right side during the exercises in the hernia workout where I can.

Some of the exercises where you’re going around with both knees and things like that, I’m going to do half the amount of reps that I would normally do for the right side, and then all the reps for left side. So, I’m just really going to start focusing on targeting just the left side a lot more, but I’m going to keep the exercise going a little bit for the right side too. I just want to see if I can build up the left side as much as the right side has been built up. There’s noticeable difference when I look down. I can really see the difference in the muscle development that’s going on.

I feel like this hernia workout is an important piece of the puzzle in healing a hernia naturally, but not quite as important as the ab vacuum. What do you think?