My Inguinal Hernia Is Almost Healed Naturally

Hernia remediation

In this video update I talk about what I’ve been doing to heal my inguinal hernia without surgery. It has gone from being the size of two golf balls next to each other, to the size of an M&M.

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3 thoughts on “My Inguinal Hernia Is Almost Healed Naturally”

  1. George, thanks for these updates. For those who may doubt this, I have been in this with George for some time and I am the witness of all this as we have been in a very regular contact – putting our heads together. His really fast turn around after 4 years is amazing but we both have spent so much time on research. The info we have put together is incredible and though everyone is different, there are some very common things surrounding this “injury”. I am on my way as well. Very similar symptoms as George’s as we are very similar in that we are both surfers and active guys, similar age and a very similar personalities. It is very predictable what a common MD and his referral doctors will tell you. Basically that the only solution is a surgery, which is completely wrong and yet another money maker in the medical industry. Hernia surgeries have become another “routine” elective. We have researched this ad nauseam and the mechanics, mental and physical, of the inguinal hernias make complete sense. Fortunately, there are a couple of excellent people, be it people who have healed it and some MDs who share the info. It is very similar to any complex issue that is always “solved” by a surgery but the implications and side effects of that are immense, let alone the cost and the risk. As George said, anatomically, the area where the hernia happens is one of the most complex spots in our bodies. In my opinion, this journey of healing the hernia naturally is beneficial to understanding many more areas of our lives than just the hernia itself.

    1. Well said, and something that I should have reiterated in the video as one of the most important parts of the healing process which is my mental state which is what changed everything for me. The idea of “knowing” that I could heal it rather than thinking “I’ll give it a try” made all the difference. For a long time I was not able to think about anything other than the hernia because I couldn’t find a way to manage it without feeling the pressure all the time. Once I figured out a way to keep it place and not have to worry about it no matter what I did, and got my mind right, everything changed. Through reading the book “Healing Back Pain The Mind Body Connection” I was able to get rid of back pain that has been horrible and sometimes debilitating for over 25 years. At the same time the hernia started to disappear which leads both me and Silva to believe that there is a mind body connection to the hernia as well. Rapid healing took place within about three weeks after reading that book. Most people will roll there eyes at this and think that there is no way, but I am living proof. Your mind has much more to do with your physical problems than you can imagine. Correct thinking combined with the right exercise to correct the physical imbalance in the area will fix this. I’m sure of it.

  2. Dear George, I suffered from a left inguinal hernia when I was in my late 20s. The symptom was that the left testicle was hanging low and there was a very uncomfortable feeling of heaviness. I went through a long period of depression and kept on taking Chinese herbal medicine for four years, without not much success. It was not until I met a Taichi master who taught me a move called “Lower Single Whip” that I was able to lift the left testicle back into position. To those who are not familiar with Taichi, you can check it out on YouTube. The mechanism was that when I change my position from a low stance back to the vertical position, I need to imagine the left testicle being sucked back into the abdomen. There is a kind of mind and body connection here.

    I was able to be symptom-free for the next 17 years. Last year I lifted something heavy and saw a bulge at the groin again. Unfortunately this time as I was getting older the move doesn’t seem to be working in my favour anymore.

    What I want to say is I share the pain and struggle with all of you here. Hope everyone will get this problem fixed soon.

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