You Have An Inguinal Hernia, Now What?

So you figured out that you have an inguinal hernia. By now you most likely you have thought about your choices on how you want to address the situation. You can get surgery, or you can try the natural method to fix your inguinal hernia. If you absolutely know without a doubt that you do not want to go under the knife, then it’s time to start taking action and moving toward getting that lump to go away.

Be Proactive

You are the only one who can make the changes necessary to proactively change your situation and fix your inguinal hernia. There is an old quote that I love. One that I live by, and have always tried to teach my kids to live by. It says:

“Between stimulus and response there is a space, and in that space lies our ability to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

The stimulus is your hernia. The response to it is completely your choice. You can choose to either let the hernia rule your life and make you miserable, or you can be proactive in trying to fix your inguinal hernia and change your circumstances. If you choose to do nothing, your hernia will only get worse and will most likely become a point of stress and depression for you.

If you are proactive and take steps to combat the hernia, you will start to feel as though it is not out of your control, and in turn feel empowered by the fact that you are making positive changes. You never know, you might even figure out all kinds of things that have been wrong with your body that you didn’t even realize which is what happened to me. I am 44 years old, and in the best shape of my life. Without working through all the bullshit that my body threw at me while trying to figure out how to fix my hernia, I would not be where I am today.

Change Your Viewpoint on Discomfort

Most people see pain and discomfort as a negative thing. But, what if you decide to change your perception of it? What if you decide that you are going to use this negative situation (the hernia), and all of the pain and discomfort, and use it to create a positive change in your body? Do you have a choice? Not really if you know for a fact that you don’t want surgery. The only logical thing to do is to use the negative situation as fuel to reach your body’s true health potential. And as you get closer to that point, I have a feeling your hernia will be smaller (if not gone). You will feel 100 times better, and be able to manage the hernia without a problem.

Take Action To Fix Your Inguinal Hernia

Will it take time? YES

Will it suck sometimes? YES

Will you definitely be able to heal your hernia on your own? I DON’T KNOW

Will anything good come from not trying? NO!

Get off your ass and do something about it! You can start with getting yourself a good hernia belt, and start doing some exercises to strengthen up the muscles around the inguinal canal.