Recently I received a question on one of my YouTube videos from YouTube subscriber.

The Question:

Alex Asked:

I’ve been following your videos and it performed all exercises and tips and they work like magic with the advice from you and the belt. I’ve been working hard to get rid of my hernia since late June, early July, and I can no longer see it.  My question is, will I still need to perform the exercises now that the hernia is gone.

The Answer:

I’m doing a little experiment with this right now. If you’ve been following my journey, you probably know that I don’t have the lump anymore, and don’t feel any pressure anymore. I don’t need to wear a hernia belt anymore either. I’ve even stopped wearing it while I am surfing. So really the only time I ever wear the hernia belt is if I ride motocross because it’s pretty rough on your body. I just don’t feel like I’m able to really be in control of the transversus abdominis enough to feel comfortable with just not wearing it for that yet, but I’m getting there.

About 6 months ago, now that I no longer have to wear the hernia belt anymore, I decided that I was going to stop doing the hernia exercises  that I have on my Youtube channel. Now that the lump is gone, I wanted to see what effect it would have if I no longer did them.

I have also slowed way down on the Ab Vacuum exercise also, although I don’t think I’ll ever completely stop doing those. I truly believe that that is the most important exercise for an inguinal hernia. I was previously doing at least 100 reps of these split up throughout the day. Now I’m doing maybe 10 reps.

I have not seen any regression in my hernia so far.

l’ll probably end up doing the Ab Vacuum for the rest of my life because that’s what I feel really gets the transversus abdominis tight in that area. And that’s what you need to hold the hernia back. The last thing I want is to let my traverses Abdominis get lax as it was before, because I believe that it was a main contributor to me getting a hernia.

So I think that once you do get to a point where you’re not seeing or feeling the hernia anymore, that there’s a point where you can start to taper off the exercises and not have to be so aggressive with them. Once the musculature is nice and tight, and holding the hernia back, it just becomes maintenance  from there.