How To Use Directional Breathing To Heal An Inguinal Hernia

I refer to this as directional breathing because basically what I am doing is focusing the energy of my breath directly to the hernia site with my inhale, then pulling away negative energy and getting rid of it with my exhale.

Get Into A Comfortable Position

In the video I di this while sitting in a meditating position to make it easier to film, but I actually do this while lying down on my back.

First I get completely relaxed. Focusing on my feet first, I make my body feel heavy against the ground thinking about each part of my body sinking into the floor. I work my up thinking about my legs, then my butt, then my back, my neck, my arms and hands, and my head.

Focus On Your Breath

Once I’m comfortable, I start to think about my breathing. I take a beep breath in and fill up the bottom of my lungs first, then the top of the lungs. While I am inhaling I am picturing in my mind that the air that I am breathing in is crisp and cold like a chilly winter day. I picture the air flowing into my body and going directly to the hernia.

At the bottom of my breath I start to envision two thumbs kneading the fascia where the hole of the hernia is and pushing it together. Then I exhale deeply, but somewhat restricting the outflow of air with my lips. While I am exhaling, I am envisioning black smoke like that of a semi truck pulling a heavy load up a mountain.

Visualization Is Everything

Really concentrate on the visualization in your mind. I feel like the visualization is more important than the breathing. If you feel like you are having a tough time visualizing, maybe scale back the depth of your breath a little bit so that you can focus better.

How Often and For How Long?

I do this maybe  once a week for a few minutes, or however long I feel like I can do it and hold concentration. The mind body connection is a powerful thing! I have gone from having an inguinal hernia the size of two golf balls together in the inguinal canal, to having no lump, and no pressure at all. This is part of how I got to this point.