Meditex Uriel Hernia Belt Pros List:

  • Fairly basic design
  • Soft Fabric on the inside of the pad
  • Quality sewing and seams

Meditex Uriel Hernia Belt Cons List:

  • Bulky
  • Not functional to wear in water
  • convex pad digs into hernia site causing severe discomfort
  • Limited adjustability on leg and waste strap

Where to buy Meditex Urial Hernia Support Belt:

You can buy them on amazon.

Price: $37-$39


The Uriel Hernia Truss was very disappointing. I could not where it for more than about a half hour due to the pad being convex. It would dig into the hernia site and cause pain after a short time. I couldn’t surf with the belt on because the pad is so large that I would not be able to lay down on the board to paddle without jamming it into the hernia site even more.

The waist straps are extremely bulky which makes it very uncomfortable and unappealing to look at when I would take my shirt off.

There was very limited adjustability on the waist and leg straps, therefor if I were to want more pressure while doing activities I was not able to tighten it up.

Click here if you are interested in seeing the hernia belt that I have been using for a while with great success.


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